Top 5 qualities as a Listing Agent

You Need Someone Who Has These Qualifications

Proper evaluation and appraising power

You need an agent who knows the construction industry and building structure. Someone who understand the quality of work and can price it properly. Someone who can evaluate and appraise your property properly and result in faster and higher priced sale.
Construction knowledge, renovation estimation and property comparison are the Mel's experiences which will help him evaluating the neighborhood for proper appraisal and pricing


Psychology of sales and thinking like you

Psychology of communication is the most important part of business communication. Connecting with the client mentally and emotionally will result in smoother and easier transaction and progress. As a listing agents knowing the seller is important. People with different mentality require different efforts. Entering to people life and selling their biggest investment of their lifetime is not always easy. Protecting and considering the security and safety of their home and family is always a priority. Preparing the property for showing is another specialties you need in a sales person. Proper staging based on your target is one of those requirement for any successful listing.
Mel's experience in Communication and customer relation goes back to 20 years ago with working and dealing with customers. reading people's mind and communicating to find out their priorities and view to their life and living space is a key to make this transaction smoother and easier. Mel has access to the latest tools and technologies to give you peace of mind during your showings and also he has access to the best staging companies. He obviously has access to trades to do touch up or even major renovation and prepare your lovely home for a maximum market benefit

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Marketing and advertisement strategies

You need someone to be familiar with all kind of advertisement and marketing. Familiar with computer, social media and of course traditional methods of advertisements. Someone who is networked to the other agents and exclusive networks. Someone who know the area and communities for implementing the proper marketing campaign and target the proper communities for the purpose of fastest and highest priced sell.
Mel's 20 years of attachment with advertisement and marketing, guarantees the performance of your marketing campaign and helps you find the best and most efficient ways of advertisement including, social medias, online presence, paper marketing and Exclusive network of 12000 Agents even before the MLS starts working for you.


Access to proper networking to find you unique opportunities

You need an agent who have access to unique networks available for listing exclusive properties, someone who is in touch with a network of related agents to find proper buyer prospects.
Mel's brokerage, Remax Realtron" one of the best brokerages in this industry, provides him with the networking tools to 12000 agents through private system. a network of pros who are all in the market and ready for business.


An agent who can close the deal by the right negotiation tactics and experience

Someone who knows the rules of sales, negotiation and social communication. Someone with a pair of honest eyes and a ton of experience, strategies and intelligence behind it.
20 years of leading Sales Teams, training the negotiation psycology and strategies are Mel's background and experience. what else you may need for someone you leave this responsibility with.

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